Indigent Burials


Ector County Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Section 6:
Indigent Burials: All indigent grave spaces shall be selected by the Cemetery Director.
Indigent funeral day and time shall also be selected by Cemetery Director.
Ector County will provide a cremation interment for deceased and will provide a plot for the burial of the cremations.
Ector County will provide interment services only, (no viewing or church services provided).
No Indigent funerals shall occur on Saturday, Sunday or County designated holidays.
No markers or monuments may be installed at indigent grave spaces unless the following criteria are met:
(1) the grave space is purchased;
(2) the opening and closing fee is paid; and
(3) Ector County is reimbursed for funeral home costs.
Once all of the three charges are paid in full to Ector County, the purchaser will be allowed to install a marker, so long as the purchaser follows Ector County Cemetery rules and regulations regarding installation of markers.

Requirements for indigent burials:
(1) Must complete an application;
(2) must be on public assistance or have no identifiable source of income; and
(3) must not possess any assets of value




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